Lexaria Bioscience Fact Sheet

LEXARIA BIOSCIENCE CORP. NASDAQ: LEXX Pharmacokinetic comparsion of the ingestion of Turbo 90mg (solid circles; black), 90 mg (dashed open circles; black) and PTL101-100mg (dashed open squares; grey). Only mean data shown. PTL101-100mg data via gelatin matrix pellets, modified from Atsmon et al., 2018. DRUG DELIVERY PLATFORM INNOVATOR 2021/2022 Study Program • HYPER-A21-1 - Rodent study completed (n=10) demonstrating significant enhancement in CBD delivery using DehydraTECH - Up to 2,178% more CBD delivered into bloodstream and up to 1,737% more CBD delivered into brain tissue • HYPER-A21-2 - Rodent study completed (n=10) demonstrating strongest CBD absorption results ever recorded using DehydraTECH - New formulation delivers up to 2,708% more CBD into bloodstream • HYPER-H21-1 – Human clinical study (n=24) evidencing a rapid and sustained drop in blood pressure with DehydraTECH-CBD and excellent tolerability • HYPER-H21-2 - Human clinical study (n=16) Hypoxic Pulmonary Vasoconstriction study; evidences up to a remarkable 23% decrease in blood pressure with patented DehydraTECH-CBD relative to placebo and confirms DehydraTECH-CBD reduces arterial stiffness • HYPER-H21-3 - Human clinical study (n=16) Pulmonary Hypertension Clinical Study; Data From This Human Study, Together With the Findings From Lexaria's Other Previously Announced Successful Studies, Intended To Support the Company's Plans To Seek Approvals by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration • VIRAL-C21-3 - In vitro screening assay completed using a primate cell line, VERO-E6, determined remdesivir and ebastine processed with DehydraTECH were effective at inhibiting the COVID-19 SARS-CoV-2 virus • VIRAL-A20-2 - Rodent study completed (n=40) DehydraTECH enables up to three-fold increase in oral delivery of antiviral drugs, Remdesivir and Ebastine • VIRAL-MC21-1 - Successfully confirmed Lexaria's molecular characterization study objectives, demonstrating DehydraTECH processing and formulation technology does not create a covalently bonded new molecular entity ("NME") and that each drug tested remained stable and did not undergo change in chemical structure. • VIRAL-A20-3 - Rodent PK study completed (n=20) demonstrating significant enhancement in antiviral drug delivery using DehydraTECH-enabled Colchicine. Possible benefits for treating SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 and mRNA vaccine side effects • NIC-A21-1 - DehydraTECH-oral nicotine delivery peaked in bloodstream 10x to 20x faster than controls and peak levels achieved were up to 10x higher than controls • PDE5-A21-1 - DehydraTECH-sildenafil delivered 74% more drug at 4 minutes, than the control Human Clinical Study: TurboCBD™ - Lexaria’s Oral CBD Product • Competitor delivers virtually zero CBD at 30 minutes • Lexaria quicker “on” and quicker “off” 0 20 40 60 BL 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Plasma concentration (ng mL-1) Time (hours) Turbo 90 mg 90 mg INVESTOR CONTACT Phone: 250-765-6424 ext. 202 ir@lexariabioscience.com Lexaria Bioscience Corp. - #100-740 McCurdy Road - Kelowna, BC, Canada www.lexariabioscience.com